Annual Tuition Schedule

To determine cost, begin with the highest-grade student and then add additional children in the appropriate columns, progressing with the next highest grade down.  Add any additional fees – Registration Fee (per student) & Curriculum Fee (per student).

All students 3-12 are required to provide their own laptop/chromebook

New Student Testing Fee:


$25 per student

CenterPoint Childcare PreK students receive free testing

Registration Fees:


  • March – May – $50
  • After May 31st – $100
  • CenterPoint Childcare PreK students receive free registration for kindergarten
  • Registration fees applicable on first business day of each month

Curriculum Fee:


$300 per Student

Price includes yearbook and student planner

# of Students

K5 All Day

1st – 2nd

3rd – 12th













  • Additional fees issued at the end of the school year for damaged textbooks
  • Lost book fees paid by parent/guardian
  • For your student to attend the first day of school, all required paperwork must be completed and on file in the school office


Latchkey rates are available in the CenterPoint Childcare office.  Latchkey is available from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. for K6th grade students of CenterPoint Christian Academy.  Students in grades K-6, who arrive to school before 8:00 a.m., are here after 3:45 p.m. or after a half-day session of school will go to latchkey and incur a fee.

Payment Plan Options

Option 1

Full Tuition

Option 2

Two-Payment Option

Option 3

10 or 12 Monthly Payments through FACTS.  Payee elects to either pay on the 5th or 20th of each month through the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan using Automatic Bank Payments. A yearly fee of $45 charged by FACTS. The payee is responsible to notify the school in advance if an NSF transaction will occur.

Option 4

10 or 12 Monthly Payments through FACTS using VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.  Payee elects to either pay on the 5th or 20th of each month through the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan using one of the above credit cards.  A monthly fee is added to payments. Payee must contact FACTS by calling 1-800-233-1096 to use this option.

Parents who withdraw their child(ren) during a quarter will be accountable for full tuition for that entire quarter.


CenterPoint Childcare

5% discount on tuition only for students who enroll for kindergarten from PreK


Current families who recruit new families for the 2022-2023 school year receive a $250.00 discount. Discounts deducted at the end of the year if the recruited student(s) remain the entire school year.  Please fill out and sign the recruitment form at time of enrollment. 

*maximum discount is 10%


Scholarship monies may be available to assist with tuition cost. The application fee of $35 and all required information must be submitted by the parent/guardian on or before the due date to be eligible for a scholarship. 

Scholarships for tuition are awarded based on financial need. Scholarship applications are available in the school office or you may apply online at

Families who are awarded scholarships are required to volunteer 1 hour per every one hundred dollars awarded per student: (Example: $1,000.00 Scholarship for 1 student = 10 volunteer hours per year.) If families do not meet volunteer hour requirements, they will not be eligible to apply for a scholarship the following year.

*Scholarship amounts are deducted from tuition at the beginning of the year; however, if the student does not remain enrolled in school for the entire year, the scholarship is recalculated on a per quarter basis. (I.e. $1,000.00 scholarship = $250.00 per quarter)

Apply for Scholarship

Apply for Scholarship