Biblical Foundations & Content

Our philosophy doesn’t come from what sounds good or from what other people are doing right now.

Instead, our teacher-led, character-building philosophy comes from a biblical foundation.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go.”

Because you’re in the driver’s seat, not your students, it means they’re not running you.

You’re leading them.

There’s structure and organization because that helps students know what to expect – and what’s expected of them –

but also because 1 Corinthians 14:40 says, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

In history, you see God’s hand. In science, you see His design. In grammar, you see His order.

Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, and you’ll find Scripture

and biblical principles used to emphasize or illustrate concepts.

Proven Track Record

Millions of Christian school students have used Abeka since it started in 1972, and over 1 million used it in 2017 alone. 

Students taught with Abeka have been accepted into prestigious colleges and gone on to serve the Lord in demanding careers.

Achievable Goals

Too little challenge brings complacency. Too much challenge brings frustration.

We aim for just the right amount.

Since Abeka is so carefully developed with proven methods and then tested,

  • Your average students can succeed.
  • Your students who need a little more helps can succeed with extra guidance from you.
  • Your above-average students can excel and go on to attain more without feeling that school is boring or too easy

Materials for Students

From text books and readers to workbooks, quiz books, and test books, our student products are designed and illustrated to capture a student’s interest and written to be clear and engaging.

New and Revised Products

We’re constantly updating products to make them more effective and easy to use. See what’s changed, why we changed it, and how to make the most of the revisions.

We keep our class sizes small!!!

Our average class size is approximately 10 students.

That means YOUR student gets MORE personal attention.


Language Arts

Language arts courses are available for grade levels 6-12. These courses cover essay writing and literary style so that students can complete a variety of writing projects.

Social Studies

Social studies courses cover U.S. History, World History, Government, and Economics. U.S. History covers topics from the European colonization to American history in the 21st Century. World History exposes students to ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, and events from the modern world.


Our mathematics courses provide students with opportunities to explore and discover algebraic principles on their own, prior to the lecture, and through online Labs and Lab activities. Students follow along with the teacher as they solve each problem, with the teachers notes displayed as they are written. Students model and solve real world problems using algebra, functions, probability and data analysis.


Our science courses include earth science, physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Students will learn about the earths structure, plate tectonics, biology and genetics, biological history, scientific measurements, properties of matter, and the laws of science that control motion and energy.

Fine Arts

Students will learn about the visual elements of art, art terminology, principles of design, as well as a variety of creative media.

Physical Education

& Health

Our health program teaches students about character development, the varying facets of mental health, stress and its resulting consequences, family relations, emotional development, sexuality, functions and development of the human body, and overall physical well-being. We also include a Physical Education course using activity-based learning. The course focuses on proper nutrition and the mastery of skills and concepts necessary for students to become accomplished monitors of their personal lifetime fitness.

Computer Science

Our computer science program is designed to help students learn the basics of word processing, electronic spreadsheets, and other computer technology.

Additional Electives & World Languages

We are constantly updating additional electives to offer the ability for our students to expand their knowledge on various subjects. We partner with many educational programs, such as Brighton Shared Services, Genesee Career Institute, and Michigan Virtual, to offer the ability for our students to expand their knowledge on various subjects through elective classes.

Homeschool Dual Enrollment

Now enrolling 6th – 12th grade students in core and elective classes

Semesters begin in September and February



– Bible*

– Mathematics*

– English/Literature*

– History/Civics*

– Science*

*Two semester requirement

– Yearbook/Journalism

– Art

Dual enrolled students can enroll in up to two classes per semester.

$50 Pre-registration (Apr, May)

$100 Registration starting June 1st

$425 Per class per semester or

$750 Per class per year

Pricing includes all curriculum fees

Enrolling in classes makes students eligible for additional opportunities through our Lion Sports Program.

Volleyball – Basketball – Cheer – Bowling

  • Additional fees issued at the end of the school year for damaged textbooks
  • Lost book fees paid by parent/guardian
  • For your student to attend the first day of school, all required paperwork must be completed and on file in the school office