Admission of new students will be conducted as follows

  • Parents must complete and return all enrollment forms. Achievement test scores should be included at this time, as well as a current report card.

  • A personal interview is completed.

  • Transcripts and records from preceding school should be sent before class starts or within the first month of attendance.

Why choose CenterPoint Christian Academy?

  • A demonstrated commitment to excellence, evidenced by high academic standards.
  • Children are taught to think critically and live biblically.
  • A caring and nurturing environment where the biblical value of respect is modeled.
  • Faculty committed to Christian education — Well qualified for their positions.

  • A proven track record — over 30 years of training and nurturing students.

  • Creativity is celebrated, whether in arts or academics.
  • Size: We’re large enough to incorporate the co-curricular activities parents hope for, and small enough that students don’t “fall through the cracks.”
  • Curriculum is regularly reviewed, meticulously evaluated, and consistently improved to reflect “best practice” in education.
  • Christian education isn’t confined to a “religion class” — it’s biblical integration in every aspect of the curriculum.
  • Athletic teams are both competitive and a model of sportsmanship.
  • Parent involvement is welcome.